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Wastewater Management for Breweries

How wastewater management can cut costs and even increase ROI.

Discover how to manage your brewery's wastewater with John Haugen, co-Founder & strategist at Third Partners sustainability consultants.  Breweries are increasingly focused on wastewater management for several reasons. Municipal water treatment authorities across the country are charging breweries additional costs due to the high-strength wastewater streams from brewery processes. Wastewater also affects water quality in local communities. Now many breweries want to see a genuine improvement.  These economic and environmental forces work together to make brewery wastewater treatment systems an important strategy to consider. For existing breweries, wastewater treatment on-site can produce positive ROI by increasing operational efficiency. These are the basics ... Read on

Brewery Profile: Wayward Owl Brewing

Justin Boswell looks to restore New Orleans as the brewing capital of the south.

When Justin Boswell returned home to Louisiana to open a brewery, he brought with him a passion for local brewing and four years of professional experience at Black Raven Brewing Company in Seattle. His goal, besides brewing great beer, was to build a brewery that created opportunities for work and play in the community and return New Orleans to the brewing capital of the South. With the help of Kinnek, he is poised to do just that.  Boswell chose a long-abandoned neighborhood theater as the location of Wayward Owl Brewing Company and has worked for more than a year to ... Read on

Custom Growlers: A Guide

A guide to custom growlers, growler materials, storage and how to use them to promote your business.

Custom Growlers are a great way to store beverages and promote your business. With so many options on the market, we've created a handy guide to finding the best growler for your business needs.  Choosing Custom Growlers: A Guide The most important question to ask when choosing a custom growler is deciding what your growlers will be used for?  Many breweries and beverage makers choose custom growlers for functional reasons - to store their product. Improved product freshness and reduced packaging costs benefit both consumers and the business. Growlers today have evolved beyond the humble container though. From breweries to pioneering winemakers, many small ... Read on

Craft Brewers Conference: 5 Things We Learned

Last week, the Kinnek team headed to Philadelphia for the nation's largest brewing convention: Craft Brewers Conference. The conference is hosted by the Brewers Association. The conference was an opportunity to learn about the hot topics in the craft brewing world and beyond. Here are the top three things we learned during the event:   1. Craft Brewers is Becoming the Brewstillers Conference As breweries expand they're diversifying! We had the pleasure of meeting past Kinnek users this year at Craft Brewers Conference who've had success purchasing with us. What's interesting is many of them are now expanding their breweries to include a ... Read on

Buying A Brewing System? 3 Things You Need to Know First

Buying a brewing system? Here are 3 things you need to know first to get the best deal and equipment for your money.

Investing in a brewing system can be a complicated, not to mention expensive, process for a small business. If you're thinking of buying one, here are 3 things you need to know to save time and money: Step 1. Buy Brew Systems In Advance First, brewhouses come in a range of shapes and sizes. Each type of brewing system takes a different length of time to build. That means you'll need to factor time to manufacture the equipment into your production goals.   Good suppliers manufacture brewing systems to your exact specifications and needs. Few suppliers carry spare stock. Similarly, orders from trade shows and high-season(s) ... Read on

How to Purchase Glycol Chillers, Part 2

Glycol Chiller Power, Cost, and Other Math for Keeping (Your Beer) Cool

Continuing with our How to Purchase series on glycol chillers, this article lays out the specifications and other tips you need to consider before you purchase.  For an introduction to glycol chillers, check out Part I here. How powerful should my glycol chiller be? The main specification of any glycol chiller is its capacity in BTUs/HR.  A BTU is a British Thermal Unit, and is defined as the amount of work needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.  Therefore, in order to calculate the capacity, you need to know the power, or the amount ... Read on

Do I Need To Insure My Brewery?

Curious about if you need to insure your brewery? Kinnek has you covered...

How to know if you need insurance for your brewery? Not sure if insurance is a requirement for a small business? When it comes to insuring your brewery, there are so many questions. Here are the basics: Do I Need To Insure My Brewery? Yes. While a Personal Liability policy alone may cover homebrewers, running a brewery - or any small business - requires extra insurance. A Commercial General Liability Policy (CGL) covers the basics.    How does a Commercial General Liability Policy Work? Generally a CGL covers against physical injury or property damage. In the insurance world, coverage means your insurer has ... Read on

How to Purchase Glycol Chillers, Part I

Using Glycol Chillers to Keep (Your Beer) Cool

Before you purchase a glycol chiller, let Kinnek do the hard part. Submit a free request for quotes and we'll get multiple manufacturers to provide you with offerings and pricing for whatever your supply needs - all in one place!  Cooling in Brewing While most people appreciate an ice cold beer, the actual brewing process requires several stages of heating and cooling. Due to the extreme changes in temperature needs, a glycol beer chiller can play a major part in keeping up the ideal flow of your brewery.   There are five major points when the brewing process requires cooling:   Cooling a ... Read on

Advice from the Experts: Buying a Malt Handling System

Need advice on buying a malt handling system? We share advice from experts Malt Handling LLC and Pilot Malt House on how to select the right malt processing equipment for your business.

Need advice on buying a malt handling system for your beverage business? We asked experts Malt Handling, LLC for their advice on how to select the right piece of equipment based on your operational and production needs: The Best Advice? One Size Does Not Fit All with Malt Handling Systems Malt Handling, LLC are malt handling experts based Chicago who customize essential grain handling systems for craft brewers and distillers. Since opening their doors in 2012, the company has shared their advice with a number of brewing and distilling businesses. What's their main piece of advice? Well, according to Andy Myers, the Director of Marketing and New Business Development at, there's no one size fits all ... Read on

Kinnek Purchasing Trends 2015: Craft Breweries

Kinnek shares purchasing trends for US craft breweries in 2015.

Recently we revealed the top purchasing trends among craft breweries in 2015 with Craft Brewing Business. Check out what they had to say below: Ever wonder what sort of brewing equipment and supplies your fellow craft brewers are buying these days? To help answer this question, we turned to Kinnek, the ultimate craft brewery purchasing marketplace.  Last year, we looked at the answers by region. Those results highlighted a growing “brewhouse belt,” which stretched from Montana down to New Mexico, and an active corner in the northeast states, as well, thanks to Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. This year, however, we just wanted the straight numbers. In ... Read on

Craft Beer Branding Strategy Tips: Ignite Beverage

Do you need a craft beer branding strategy? Branding experts Ignite Beverage share their key tips.

Deciding on a branding strategy for your craft beer is an important decision for any brewery. With such a wide variety of craft brews on the market these days, differentiating your product and making it stand out to the consumer are key. That's why we asked branding firm Ignite Beverage in Oregon to share their key tips for making a craft beer stand out.  So why does your craft beer branding strategy matter? The most important reason is that the latest industry research shows beer branding, in particular beer labels, is becoming increasingly influential in consumer purchasing intent.  According to Ignite Beverage, the branding phenomenon signals a notable ... Read on

Brew Trends: Cooperative Craft (Part 4)

For the last article in our cooperative craft brewing series, we highlight the pros and cons of the business model with Michigan-based High Five Co-op Brewery.

By Jeremy Martin, February 26. 2016 Hive Five Co-ops According to the International Co-operative Alliance there are seven keys to operating a true co-op: “voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, member economic participation, autonomy, education, co-operation, and concern for community.” While every cooperative brewery in the country may not stick to all seven of these tenants, each one is forging a path and creating a personal model that works best for them. Another company hoping to open a new facility soon is High Five Co-op Brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the 100% member-owned company, members not only receive ... Read on

Brew Trends: Cooperative Craft (Part 2)

For the second article in our cooperative craft brewing series, we explore how one Seattle-based business uses the "member driven" model to build a strong community and brand.

By Jeremy Martin, February 24 2016 The Cooperative Model Explained According to the International Co-operative Alliance, an organization that oversees thousands of cooperatives around the globe, has done a decent job creating a quick and tidy definition: “A co-operative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.” Admittedly that’s still a bit of a mouthful and pretty vague, so let's take a look at a few examples in the craft beer world, beginning with Flying Bike Cooperative based in Seattle. Flying Bike ... Read on

Brew Trends: Cooperative Craft (Part 3)

For the third article in our cooperative craft brewing series, we explore how one Wisconsin-based business is building a strong following and growth strategy using a hybrid cooperative model.

By Jeremy Martin, February 25. 2016 Crowdfunded Cooperatives Beyond Flying Bike Cooperative, other collectives take a more communal approach to beer creation. One example of an entirely different (and unique) business model is MobCraft of Madison, Wisconsin. Henry Schwartz, CEO, explains: “How it we take ideas from the crowd for beers they want to brew. Some are fully realized home brew recipes some are just general ideas on flavors and styles of beer. We put those beers up to a vote and people from the across the U.S. cast their votes by pre-ordering four packs of that beer.” Voting ... Read on

15 Steps to Productivity at CBC 2015: A Not-So-Serious Guide

1. First stop: registration. Make sure you don’t lose your lanyard, or else it’s no beer for you! Plus no access to seminars and equipment booths - that’s important too. 2. The huge number of booths can be intimidating, but the best strategy is to just dive right in. Pick a lane and go for it! You should probably skirt the beer stations for now - you’re here for business, remember? 3. Make sure you stop at every single booth and pick up all of the freebies. Your bag’s pretty full already, but hey - who can turn down free ... Read on

A Kinnek Guide to Portland

Get excited - this year’s Craft Brewers Conference is going to be hosted by the beautiful and quirky city of Portland! If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to take a few extra days outside of the conference to check out the incredible beer scene and walk around the city. But with such limited time, how do you fully take advantage of a city that has been ranked the 11th weirdest in the country? Lucky for you, we’ve provided you access to Kinnek’s wishlist of top unique sights and scenes in the PDX area. Enjoy! Things to Do Portland Raceway ... Read on

Whiskey Glasses Types

What you need to know to please your whiskey loving costumers.

Whiskey Glass Purchasing Guide Whiskey lovers tend to be a demanding bunch - they generally know what they like to drink and how they like to drink it. To satisfy the wide variety of whiskey drinkers out there, make sure that you have the right glass on-hand for every situation. Types of Glasses Old Fashioned The classic. With straight sides, a thick base, and a wide brim, this whiskey glass is the most versatile: it suits neat whiskey, whiskey on the rocks, and the thick base allows it to handle mixed whiskey cocktails. Rocks Glass Rocks glasses are meant to ... Read on

Member Spotlight: Pig Pounder Brewery

A Greensboro, NC brewery speaks to Kinnek

Member Spotlight: Pig Pounder Brewery A Greensboro, NC brewery speaks to Kinnek Pig Pounder Brewery provides traditional English brews to its four sister restaurants, Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill, Marshall Free House, Burger Warfare, and Yo Daddy’s. Kinnek caught up with Alex Howard of Pig Pounder to talk beer and the challenges of starting a new brewery. What do you think Greensboro beer drinkers will be most excited about with Pig Pounder? Alex: Well I don’t want to say we’re not your typical brewery, but we are primarily an English style focused brewery specializing in cask ales or “real” ales. We ... Read on

Member Spotlight: Mustang Brewing Company

What Brewers Wish They Knew Back Then, What They Know Now

Member Spotlight: Mustang Brewing Company What Brewers Wish They Knew Back Then, What They Know Now Here at Kinnek, we help small businesses across the U.S, find and purchase the equipment and supplies they need – faster and easier than ever before. We want to help entrepreneurs take their mind off purchasing and empower them to focus on what really matters: their customers. We recently worked with a fantastic brewery in Oklahoma, who used Kinnek’s platform to get competitive quotes for a new brewing system and other supplies after their facilities were ravaged by last summer’s devastating tornadoes. We spoke ... Read on

Member Spotlight: Triton Brewery

David Waldman of Triton Brewing Company speaks to Kinnek about beer and brewing.

Triton Brewing Company is a brewery located in the heartland of Indiana. They recently used Kinnek to get quotes and find new suppliers for some major purchases. We caught up with David Waldman, the Founder and Operations Director, to get some of his thoughts and insights. What was helpful to you about Kinnek? David: Kinnek gave us a portal to access a large number of suppliers for a diverse collection of brewery equipment and supplies. We got quotes for 12 oz. beer bottles, 64 oz. growlers, and a 50 BBL Brewing System, all in a single location. It gave us ... Read on

Beer Glasses Purchasing Guide

What you need to know before making your custom imprint beer glass purchase

Before you make a purchase, let Kinnek do the hard part. Submit a free request for quotes using the form to the right, and we'll get multiple suppliers to provide you their beer glass offerings and pricing. This way, you can compare all your options in one place! Beer glasses are essential for restaurants and bars. Many different styles, sizes, and colors are available in bulk from our suppliers. The minimum quantity is generally 72 or 144, but this will vary based on the style of glass and the supplier. It is often more economical to condense your order into ... Read on

Brew Trends: Cooperative Craft Brewing (Part 1)

In this week's Brew Trends, we start with part one of a four-part series on cooperative craft brewing. In particular, we'll explore why community is at the heart of a successful co-op business.

In this week's Brew Trends, we kick-off with part one of a four-part series on cooperative craft brewing. For brewers already familiar with this business model or those looking to explore new options, read on to discover why this is a trend to watch.   Brew Trends: Why Cooperative Craft Brewing? The goal of a cooperative is to help people "meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled business." While cooperative ownership isn't a new concept, extending from farming co-ops, retail cooperatives, shared office spaces and cooperative living communities to breweries, the brewing industry is ... Read on

Should I Invest in A Mobile Canning Solution?

Should your small business invest in its own canning line or a mobile solution? Get advice courtesy of The Equipped Brewer magazine.

Canning Craft Beer and Hard Cider   The debate over using a mobile canning vendor or buying your own canning equipment will always be lively.   To research this article, I spoke with both mobile canning vendors and the equipment manufacturers themselves. These individuals include Mike Horn, owner of Old Dominion Mobile Canning LLC; Pete Rickert, Jr., head six packer of We Can Mobile Canning; Lindsey Herrema of The Can Van; Peter Love, founder of Cask Brewing Systems; and Michelle Dyon, marketing for Wild Goose Canning. When to Invest in a Mobile Canning Vendor? It’s a tough decision to make ... Read on

Select the Right Automated Bottling Equipment

Kinnek showcases advice on selecting equipment from national publication The Equipped Brewer to help build thriving craft beverage businesses.

Select the Right Automated Bottling Equipment by The Equipped Brewer Staff May 6, 2015      Consider these tips to ensure long-term reliability.   The time has come when you realize that to reach your distribution goals for the year, you must transition from manual bottling to an automated bottling line. When you're in the market for this new equipment, keep these seven critical performance qualities in mind, as outlined by Dean Hornsby, vice-president of sales and marketing at Meheen Manufacturing. 1. Why use a counter pressure filler? Counter pressure is important when filling carbonated beverages to keep the CO2 ... Read on

Brewery Incubators Build Success

How do brewery incubators build success? The Equipped Brewer investigates...

 Shared Facilities Incubate Success Among Fledgling Beverage Makers Sharing facilities can help brewers achieve success by reducing equipment operating costs. From incubators and partnerships to co-ops and alternating proprietorships, neophyte craft beverage makers are tapping into innovative business models designed to help them break into the industry. Whether brewing beer, distilling spirits, or delving into small-scale wine production, the growth in the craft beverage market is spurring entrepreneurs to pursue innovative ways to develop products and introduce their brands to a thirsty public. Brew Crew's nanobrewery offers 16 taps with varieties from the current brewers, plus a guest tap. Brewery Incubators According ... Read on

It's the Season for Pink Boots

Kinnek speaks to Sybil Perkins of Pink Boots Society about its mission and supporting the work of female brewers in the US.

Kinnek speaks to Sibyl Perkins of Pink Boots Society about its mission and supporting the work of female brewers in the US. In any marketplace, good business relies on good networks, organized systems of like minded professionals eager to inspire new developments and innovate old practices.  And when it comes to the booming American craft brewing industry, the Pink Boots Society is there to support and connect a growing yet still underrepresented sector of the workforce: women. According to their online mission statement, the eight-year-old national nonprofit is comprised of “the female movers and shakers in the beer industry.” This ... Read on

The Case for Cans: Trends in Craft Beer Canning

Award-winning writer & Beerded Lady Meredith Heil makes the case for cans by reviewing trends in craft beer canning.

We make the case for cans and what recent trends in beer canning mean for craft brewers everywhere.  The Case for Cans: Craft Beer Canning Trending Up It's no secret that craft beer is booming. Walk into any corner store, and you’re immediately confronted by a world-class selection representing a myriad of styles, flavors and origins - a true departure from the 30-racks of light lagers that previously filled those same shelves for decades. Yet, if you look closely, many of these crowded craft coolers have more in common with their macro-brewed predecessors than you might think. A growing number of ... Read on

Profile: Backward Flag Flies the Flag for Female Brewers in New Jersey

Profile of Backward Flag, a craft brewery in New Jersey raising the flag for female brewers everywhere.

Backward Flag: The Female Brewer Taking On New Jersey   Today we profile Torie Fisher, owner of Backward Flag Brewing Company and a craft brewer who's helping to raise the flag for all female brewers in New Jersey. Fisher also happens to be an aviation veteran, as well as a full-time mom. From her introduction to craft brewing in Wiesbaden, Germany, to launching a business proud to display its New Jersey roots, Fisher’s tale is one of passion and undoubtedly, many hats. As one of only two women in her field of Army Aviation (a Blackhawk Helicopter Crew Chief) and a budding ... Read on

Kinnek Suppliers at Craft Brewers Conference 2015

Here, we profile Kinnek suppliers appearing at Craft Brewers Conference 2015. Read on to learn about each of the companies and how Kinnek can help you get quotes from them today.

Do you know which Kinnek Suppliers will be at Craft Brewers Conference 2015? This year, some of our top Kinnek suppliers will be at Craft Brewers Conference 2015 in Portland. They'll be exhibiting alongside some of the top industry suppliers in the nation. Check-out their profiles - along with links to their Kinnek company pages - below! Prospero Equipment - Booth 1434 Prospero is one of the leading providers for equipment in the beverage industry with over 40 years of experience. Headquartered in Pleasantville, NY, the company has additional locations in Geneva, NY, Windsor, CA, McMinnville, OR, Montreal, QC, and Kelowna, BC.  Product Offerings: Brewhouses, fermenters, bottle fillers, keg washers, filling ... Read on

St. Patrick's Day Pub Promotions: How Galway Bay Pub Honors Its Heritage

If you're curious to know how Galway Bay Pub honors its Irish heritage, look no further than the tavern's St. Patrick's Day pub promotions.

The St. Patrick's Day pub promotions that Galway Bay Pub runs each year to honor its Irish heritage take the expression "a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow" to a whole different level. Planning St. Patrick's Day Pub Promotions: Honoring Heritage and Good Business Like many Irish pubs, Galway Bay in Ocean Shores, Washington celebrates St. Paddy's Day by throwing a party...but not just any party. Kinnek customer Chris Doyle, one of the owners of the old-world Irish tavern, describes the celebration as "five full days of non-stop food, fun, culture, and live music honoring the Irish tradition". They call it their "St. Paddy's Feis" celebration and as Chris explains, the ... Read on

How to Purchase Beer Fermenters

A guide to purchasing the beer fermenter that will help you ferment, instead of having to experiment!

Before you purchase a beer fermenter let Kinnek do the hard part. Submit a free request for quotes and we'll get multiple manufacturers to provide you with offerings and pricing for whatever your supply needs - all in one place! Temperature Control For Your Fermenting Machine Because beer fermentation releases excess heat, it’s important to properly control the removal of that excess heat so that the fermentation process can be controlled (different kinds of beer ferment at different temperature ranges, so temperature control is key). What are your options? Cooling Jackets Cooling jackets are the most popular choice for temperature control.  The ... Read on

Purchasing a Filling Machine? 7 Questions To Ask Before Buying

Purchasing a filling machine? Here are 7 questions to ask before buying to ensure you select the best liquid filler for your production needs.

Purchasing a filling machine can be complicated. With so many options available, it's difficult to know which one is right for your business. Here are 7 questions to ask before buying a bottle filler to help guide you to selecting the best piece of equipment for your production needs:  1. So, You're Purchasing a Filling Machine....What Exactly Will You Be Filling? While some bottle fillers are designed to fill containers with dry goods such as powders or pills, others are best suited to handle liquids. Therefore, if you're looking into purchasing a filling machine, once of the most important factors to consider is your product's viscosity, or consistency. The viscosity of your product will help you to determine what type of filling technique ... Read on

What is a Beer Growler? A Beginner's Guide

What is a beer growler? Our beginner's guide shows you everything you need to know, including sizes and tips on creating a custom growler of your own.

What is a Beer Growler? So, what is a beer growler, exactly? Well, for all you aspiring brewers out there, a beer growler is a special container traditionally used to transport draft beer or other beverages like cold-brew coffee and, in some cases, wine. Though the origins of the container are shrouded in mystery, the term 'growler' is said to have originated as a reference to the sound emitted from the bottle as a result of carbon dioxide escaping from the brew held inside. For brewers, the recent rise of craft brewing in the US means beer growlers have become an increasingly popular way for customers to transport ... Read on

How to Buy a Craft Brewhouse

Wondering how to buy a craft brewhouse? From defining the term "brewhouse" to explaining its components, here's what you need to know.

This guide serves as an introduction on how to buy a craft brewhouse (specifically, the key components of one), and is intended for craft brewers, breweries, brewpubs, restaurants and anyone who's looking to invest in their own tailor-made brewing system. What is a Craft Brewhouse? With the craft brewing industry rapidly growing, it's now easier than ever to brew both small and large quantities of beer. In order to brew that beer, you'll need to invest in a craft brewhouse.  A brewhouse usually refers to the entire brewing system, including the fermenters and the bright tanks - but can also refer to just ... Read on

Popular Q&A

Your questions on Brewery Equipment and Supplies answered by industry experts.

Q I'm worried that getting clear growlers will let the light in and make my beer skunky. Am I being ridiculous, or are amber growlers more protective of the growler contents?

A Amber growlers are more protective of their contents than clear glass growlers. Chemists at the University of North Carolina and Ghent University in Belgium found that sunlight breaks down alpha ...

Q I want some drink coasters for my brewpub which stand out from the crowd. Any creative ideas that are different than the run-of-the-mill circular and rectangular coasters?

A Custom sizes are available. You can do an oval or a die cut around your logo. The cut size would need to be approved, but we do offer standard prices ...

Q Do manual and semi-auto bottle-fillers gauge a liquid's volume automatically? Can I set my filler to fill only 750 ml of wine and have it gauge that amount without me having to eye-ball the level?

A Our semi-automatic units will fill to a desired level. The new redesigned automatic fill head senses the liquid level. On the deluxe units, the operator can set a delay in ...