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Country Connection is a buyer and seller of used wine and whiskey barrels, racks, tanks and other pieces of equipment as related to the wine and spirits industry. However, our primary business is the sale ...

Supplier of: Whiskey barrels, Barrels, Wine tanks, Barrel racks, and Intermediate bulk containers

Founded in 1987, ReCooperage located in Sonoma County, California USA - Remanufactured Oak Barrels - affordable alternative to a new barrel supplying the wineries, craft breweries and craft distilleries. Large and small format barrels 707-829-7103

Supplier of: Whiskey barrels, Barrels, Distillery equipment, and Brewery equipment

Titan Barrels is a revolutionary new company providing a new way to barrel age your products. Taking our years of experience in the cooperage industry with an out of the box approach we bring you ...

Supplier of: Whiskey barrels, Barrels, and Oak Staves

ZAK Cooperage is a 3rd generation, family-owned business that prides itself on producing expertly-crafted whiskey barrels with the finest white oak. In 1991, we opened our stave mill in Athertonville, Kentucky and expanded into a ...

Supplier of: Whiskey barrels, Barrels, and Oak Staves

These specially designed handcrafted small oak barrels are ideal for your home and gift use. You can use our oak barrels for aging and mellowing liquors like whisky, rums or tequilas or homemade wines. They ...

Supplier of: Whiskey barrels

Gibbs Bros. Cooperage Co.

Supplier of: Whiskey barrels, and Barrels

Black Swan Cooperage is a family-run cooperage specializing in American white oak barrels.

Supplier of: Whiskey barrels, Barrels, and Oak Staves

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