750 ml Beer bottles

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Q Can I put beer in PET bottles?

A Beer can be put into PET bottles, but it is not recommended for long term storage. Clear vessels are not the ideal for beer storage, and the same seal would ... Read On

Q Is it risky to buy Chinese manufactured standard 12oz amber beer bottles?

A Like any manufacturer, they must be a trustworthy source. If you are bottling within the guidelines and specs on the technical drawings, you should not have issues. Pay special attention ... Read On

Q What suppliers have 22 oz amber plastic / PET beer bottles?

A We have a couple different 32oz options, but I haven't seen a 22oz yet. I'm not certain that we've seen enough interest yet to have a mold built. Read On

Q Can I store my beer in "antique green" colored bottles?

A For a great example of beer bottled in Antique Green bottles, see Community Beer in Dallas, TX for their 750ml bottles. Bottles supplied by All American Containers. Read On