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Q Is it safe to buy Chinese equipment?

A Like with any other equipment you purchase, you want to make sure you do all the appropriate due diligence. Quality Chinese manufacturers do exist so before purchasing ask your supplier ... Read On

Q What's the difference between a turnkey system vs. a monoblock machine?

A A turnkey system usually refers to a system that is engineered, built, tested, and installed as part of a package. A monoblock simply refers to two or more systems being ... Read On

Q What is a ROPP capper?

A ROPP stands for Roll Over Pilfer Proof. It's a type of unthreaded aluminum shell. The way an ROPP capping machine works is the unthreaded shell is situated around the top ... Read On

Q For bottle fillers, what's the difference between a semi-automatic and automatic line?

A Hi. Pretty simple, I think: Semi-automatic means you have to place bottles on the machine, and remove them when the rinsing, filling, capping or labelling job is done ( i.e. ... Read On