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Q Are the caps usually included in the price of the growlers when purchasing screwcap growlers?

A From experience it is not common practice to include the cap in the sale of the growler. Normally the caps are sold separately for multiple reasons. Some buyers do not ... Read On

Q Is it common for artwork / logos to be printed on the caps of bottles?

A Custom Labeling is Available. Please check out All labels compatible with our containers can be found next to our bottle pages under Add-On. Read On

Q Is there an option to put a metal screw-cap on an amber PET growler?

A Yes, you can use metal caps on plastic items. Read On

Q For growlers, are the caps usually made of metal or plastic?

A For growlers, the caps are usually made of metal, but plastic caps are available (though they can be slightly more expensive). Some brewers prefer plastic caps as they claim it ... Read On