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Do I Need To Insure My Brewery?

Curious about if you need to insure your brewery? Kinnek has you covered...

How to know if you need insurance for your brewery? Not sure if insurance is a requirement for a small business? When it comes to insuring your brewery, there are so many questions. Here are the basics: Do I Need To Insure My Brewery? Yes. While a Personal Liability policy alone may cover homebrewers, running a brewery - or any small business - requires extra insurance. A Commercial General Liability Policy (CGL) covers the basics.    How does a Commercial General Liability Policy Work? Generally a CGL covers against physical injury or property damage. In the insurance world, coverage means your insurer has ... Read on

Advice from the Experts: Buying a Malt Handling System

Need advice on buying a malt handling system? We share advice from experts Malt Handling LLC and Pilot Malt House on how to select the right malt processing equipment for your business.

Need advice on buying a malt handling system for your beverage business? We asked experts Malt Handling, LLC for their advice on how to select the right piece of equipment based on your operational and production needs: The Best Advice? One Size Does Not Fit All with Malt Handling Systems Malt Handling, LLC are malt handling experts based Chicago who customize essential grain handling systems for craft brewers and distillers. Since opening their doors in 2012, the company has shared their advice with a number of brewing and distilling businesses. What's their main piece of advice? Well, according to Andy Myers, the Director of Marketing and New Business Development at, there's no one size fits all ... Read on

Kinnek Purchasing Trends 2015: Craft Breweries

Kinnek shares purchasing trends for US craft breweries in 2015.

Recently we revealed the top purchasing trends among craft breweries in 2015 with Craft Brewing Business. Check out what they had to say below: Ever wonder what sort of brewing equipment and supplies your fellow craft brewers are buying these days? To help answer this question, we turned to Kinnek, the ultimate craft brewery purchasing marketplace.  Last year, we looked at the answers by region. Those results highlighted a growing “brewhouse belt,” which stretched from Montana down to New Mexico, and an active corner in the northeast states, as well, thanks to Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. This year, however, we just wanted the straight numbers. In ... Read on

Kinnek Suppliers at Craft Brewers Conference 2015

Here, we profile Kinnek suppliers appearing at Craft Brewers Conference 2015. Read on to learn about each of the companies and how Kinnek can help you get quotes from them today.

Do you know which Kinnek Suppliers will be at Craft Brewers Conference 2015? This year, some of our top Kinnek suppliers will be at Craft Brewers Conference 2015 in Portland. They'll be exhibiting alongside some of the top industry suppliers in the nation. Check-out their profiles - along with links to their Kinnek company pages - below! Prospero Equipment - Booth 1434 Prospero is one of the leading providers for equipment in the beverage industry with over 40 years of experience. Headquartered in Pleasantville, NY, the company has additional locations in Geneva, NY, Windsor, CA, McMinnville, OR, Montreal, QC, and Kelowna, BC.  Product Offerings: Brewhouses, fermenters, bottle fillers, keg washers, filling ... Read on

Your questions on Brewery Equipment answered by industry experts.

Q It seems like with most glycol chillers, the glycol doesn't have to be chilled below 32?. Why not just use water as the coolant instead?

A Keep in mind that there is a 8 to 10 degree F heat transfer at the evaporator. In order to provide 42F leaving fluid from the chiller the refrigerant is ...

Q We recently upgraded to a Meheen 4-head filler, and would like to know what other brewers out there have done to set up automatic labeling with this particular system. Previously, we were bottling using a single-head filler, hand-labeling with pressure sensitive labels, which was all we needed at the time. Now that we have this new system tho, we'd like to know what our labeling options are to create a more streamlined system.

A Pressure Sensitive or PS is the way to go. There are different label applicators out there that offer speeds that will work directly with your fillers. If you have any ...

Q What's the best way to clean (CIP) a mash-lauter tun containing a spray ball without getting stray grain particles everywhere - and/or stuck inside the spray ball itself?

A You could use our new, patent pending, "spray ball" technology called the HydroClaw. It has opening specifically designed to let particulate and sediment pass through which makes it highly resistant ...