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Q UniTank vs BBT

A Great question. With the uni-tank option, you cannot go wrong. You can use them as a complete cycle tank (fermentation, crashing, carbonating) or you can transfer between them and use ... Read On

Q Are there disadvantages to using liquid yeast over dry yeast for a medium-sized brewery?

A Using dry yeast or liquid yeast is generally based upon the brewmaster's preference. Typically, people used to consider dry yeast to be inferior in quality to liquid yeast, although most ... Read On

Q Are top-fermenting and bottom-fermenting yeasts perfect substitutes for each other, or are they each better suited to different situations?

A Generally, top-fermenting yeasts are used more in the making of ales, and bottom-fermenting yeasts are used more in lager production. While both types of yeast have to permeate the worth ... Read On

Q Is brewers yeast and the brewers yeast from the health food stores the same?

A Good question. The answer that one brewers yeast is all you need isn't necessarily true. Depending on your desired results and method (ie. Lager, Ale, kolsch, etc.) there are specialty ... Read On