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Q UniTank vs BBT

A Great question. With the uni-tank option, you cannot go wrong. You can use them as a complete cycle tank (fermentation, crashing, carbonating) or you can transfer between them and use ... Read On

Q I want to increase my brewing capacity and was looking to buy a third fermentor. Someone suggested a bright tank instead. Should I?

A Bright tanks are an important step in the beer making process. You can only filter and condition if you transfer your beer to another tank. Low temperatures during carbonation are ... Read On

Q I'm considering purchasing a bright tank, and I'm curious to know why brewers use brites instead of fermenters? What's the temperature difference between the fermenter vs. a bright tank?

A Ultimately, it boils down to temperature requirements. The fermenter needs to run at 68-72 degrees, while the bright tank runs at 32 degrees. In other words, it has to be ... Read On

Q How many fermenters and bright tanks would I need to have a 7BBL set up?

A If you're running a brewpub where 2 of the bright tanks are tapped and you're serving directly from them, then you could consider using 1 fermenter and 4 brights. Read On