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Cool your product effieciently with indoor and outdoor glycol chillers and heat exchangers for fermenters, vat pasteurizers, and other beverages and products.

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Supplying Water Cooling Systems and Heat Transfer Equipment to the Plastics, Rubber, Chemical, Printing, Petrochemical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Food processing, Brewery Chiller, Beverage and others industries. Offering over 300 standard models of Temperature Control Units, Process …

Supplier of: Glycol chillers

Gasaway, Inc. is based in Bay City, Texas and has been actively involved in the design and building of feed mills, feed facilities, graineries and grain handling equipment along with servicing installed or existing equipment …

Supplier of: Glycol chillers, Brewhouses, Mixers, Steam boilers, and Grain roller mills is an online store for home bar and small commercial bar owners, small brewers and crafty people who want to entertain their family, friends and customers with the best, carefully crafted drinks including draught …

Supplier of: Glycol chillers, Tap handles, Kegs, Water treatment equipment, and Back bar coolers

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