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What is a Beer Growler? A Beginner's Guide

What is a beer growler? Our beginner's guide shows you everything you need to know, including sizes and tips on creating a custom growler of your own.

What is a Beer Growler? So, what is a beer growler, exactly? Well, for all you aspiring brewers out there, a beer growler is a special container traditionally used to transport draft beer or other beverages like cold-brew coffee and, in some cases, wine. Though the origins of the container are shrouded in mystery, the term 'growler' is said to have originated as a reference to the sound emitted from the bottle as a result of carbon dioxide escaping from the brew held inside. For brewers, the recent rise of craft brewing in the US means beer growlers have become an increasingly popular way for customers to transport ... Read on

Your questions on Growlers answered by industry experts.

Q I'm worried that getting clear growlers will let the light in and make my beer skunky. Am I being ridiculous, or are amber growlers more protective of the growler contents?

A Amber growlers are more protective of their contents than clear glass growlers. Chemists at the University of North Carolina and Ghent University in Belgium found that sunlight breaks down alpha ...

Q What's the preferred image file type for suppliers, when sending custom artwork for growlers and other customized products?

A vector. But good decorators will take anything.

Q I own a beer filling station, and customers return their growlers to me. Is it safe for me to re-use the growlers (after sanitizing of course)

A Yes, it is perfectly fine to refill a growler after sanitizing it. Just make sure that the cap is also sanitized and free of debris and make sure the seal ...