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Q What are the most popular varieties of hops in use by US breweries?

A All the C varieties are very popular Read On

Q I am thinking of setting up a microbrewery. Is it recommended to sign a multi-year contract with a hops provider or farm?

A Multi year with a provider for sure. And everything you can't get from them you can try and get from Farms. Best way to get a good price and the ... Read On

Q Is there a major difference with using pellets vs whole hops in the brewing process? For larger scale brewing operations, is one suggested over the other?

A Not anything major. Pellets take up a lot less space, so if you are tight on cold storage space you will most likely choose pellets. Whole cone do put off ... Read On

Q My brewmaster friends have told me that hops usage doesn't scale linearly. If I currently have a 1 bbl system and want to scale to a 7 bbl system, how much more hops would I need to use?

A Yes - but not very substantially. I am not sure how accurate ProMash (which may be defunct anyway) and BeerSmith are. Boil duration and temperature affect the extraction of alpha/beta ... Read On