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We are Michigan based hop farm that grows, processes, and markets hops from growers primarily in our home state. However on occasion we will have varieties that we cannot grow or are short on we …

Product Offerings: Pellet Simcoe Hops Mosaic Simcoe Hops Nugget Simcoe Hops Summit Simcoe Hops Azacca Simcoe Hops Cascade Simcoe Hops...(more) Galaxy Simcoe Hops Simcoe Simcoe Hops Saaz Simcoe Hops Chinook Simcoe Hops Amarillo Simcoe Hops Columbus Simcoe Hops, and  Fuggles Simcoe Hops (see less)

Product Offerings: Contract Purchase Simcoe Hops Contract Purchase Or Spot Buy Simcoe Hops Non-Contract Purchase Simcoe Hops Leaf Simcoe Hops, and  Pellet Simcoe Hops (see less)