Keg Shelving and Storage

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Q Most breweries have a mix of the 2 principle keg sizes: 1/2 BBL & 1/6 BBL. Given our brewery's goals for expansion, specifically the type/number of businesses we ultimately want to be in, what's the appropriate mix of 1/2 & 1/6 BBL(s) for us to purchase?

A 1/6 BBLs are good for any brewery to start out with for several reasons. First and foremost, they take up much less space than the 1/2 BBLs, which puts less ... Read On

Q What are other brewers' experience of using kegs vs. serving (or "brite") tanks in order to satisfy your taproom/brewpub's sales demands?

A The answer depends on the type of brewing establishment. While brites are the most logical choice for a brewpub with little-to-no outside distribution, kegs make more sense for a taproom ... Read On