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Q What is the difference between manual, semi-automatic, and automatic keg washers?

A We offer a unit that can clean 12 - 18 kegs per hour. It can clean up to 3 at a time. Once coupled, you just push a button and ... Read On

Q We recently purchased a Premier 2-head manual keg washer for our brewery, which has a water flow rate of around 7 GPM (gallons per minute). I'm planning on using a diluted solution with a 5% PAA sanitizer to set-up a venturi-based system for the washer and would ideally like to avoid employing a reduction nipple. Since I've never assembled one of these dosing systems before, how do these venutri-style dosers work exactly? What's the best way to go about setting one up for a 2-Head Premier manual washer?

A First and foremost, the venturi-style dosers are extremely sensitive to any changes in the system, particularly the input flow rate of the water feeding into the machine. That being said, ... Read On

Q I'm about to purchase a new Premier Stainless Systems 2-station keg washer and would like to know how the washer can be drained? Does it need to have a permanent connection or can I drain the washer into the floor drain and wheel it out of the way when not in use?

A We have a Premier 2-head keg washer and have been able to successfully drain the washer without a permanent connection. One way of doing it is to take a leftover ... Read On

Q I'm currently in the market for a single-head, automatic keg washer that's not BYO (I already have one of those). I have the budget for a new washer. At 20 kegs/week (with anticipated growth to do more), does anyone have any advice/recommendations?

A For 20 kegs/week, a single-head washer is completely sufficient. However, if you expect to be doing more kegs/week in the near future, you might want to consider a dual-head (or ... Read On