1/6 bbl Kegs

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Q Do any keg suppliers actually manufacture their kegs in the USA?

A Hello - Geemacher is starting up a factory in Pottstown, PA where we will manufacture 1/6 bbl and 1/2 bbl kegs. We produced our first 1/2 bbl kegs last week ... Read On

Q When filling kegs from the brite tank, what pressure should the keg be?

A As a general rule, always try to keep your keg psi lower than your brite tank psi. You do not want CO2 to leak back into the brite tank (in ... Read On

Q What are the major differences between a wine keg and a typical stainless steel beer keg?

A There is no difference between a stainless steel wine keg and a stainless steel beer keg, though the choice of inert gas used to push the liquid toward the nozzle ... Read On

Q Do you have to use a Bright tank or can you go straight to kegs?

A It is not necessary to use a bright tank -- you can go straight to the keg from your fermenter. Straight-to-keg is quite common among homebrewers, where beer is carbonated ... Read On