Mash Tuns

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Q What's the difference between a brite tank and a mash tun?

A Both the brite tank (or bright tank) and mash tun are containers used for specific functions in the brewing process. The mash tun holds the grains used in the brewing ... Read On

Q Are double-elbow exhaust vents usually pretty standard on mash lauter tuns?

A yes Read On

Q Is a mash tun used in the distillation process the same as the one used in brewing beer?

A Yes, the mash-tun used in the distillation process is the same as the mash-tun used for brewing beer. The same mash-tun can be used to create either wort for brewing ... Read On

Q What should I use to separate the wort from malt?

A Most commonly, larger breweries use lauter tuns to separate wort from the malt solids (in addition to the use of mash filters). Commercial lauter tuns utilize a rake that moves ... Read On