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SALES Canning Lines & Consumables PROCESS Craft Canning + Bottling will bring a fully automatic Wild Goose MC-250 canning line, depalletization equipment, and QC equipment into your brewery. Craft Canning provides seam inspection reports, O2 …

Supplier of: Mobile canning systems

We sell irrigation amd food and beverage pipe, valves and fittings

Supplier of: Valves, and Pipes and fittings

Gurman Container & Supply Corporation is a fourth generation family and woman owned business that has been in the industrial container industry for almost 100 years. Gurman Container is a distributor of new drums, totes, …

Supplier of: Bags, Plastic bottles, Drums, Pails, and Intermediate bulk containers

Dillin Engineering produces customized product handling, conveying and accumulation systems along with specialized cappers and cap/lid orienting and conveying systems.

Supplier of: Vacuum packaging machines, Bottling machinery, Bottle labelers, Bottle fillers, and Bottle washers

A revolution in custom gauges.

Supplier of: Pressure Gauges

Delivering Solutions You Trust

Supplier of: Disposable beakers, Eliquid bottles, Pasteurizer parts, Valves, and Gaskets

As the Craft Spirits industry approached its boom, community members began to notice a lack of affordable, professional grade distilling equipment options. In 2012, the year of the Dragon, StillDragon was established to provide Craft …

Supplier of: Mash tuns, Distillation stills, Fermenters, and Distillery equipment

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