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Union Standard Equipment and Union Confectionery Machinery have New, Used & Reconditioned processing, packaging and laboratory equipment. We serve the confectionery, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, bakery, chemical, packaging and allied industries.

Supplier of: Water filtration equipment, Presses, Commercial fryers, Mixers, and Pie Presses

Filter Process & Supply works directly with the manufacturer to provide the tanks that are suited directly to your needs. We have tanks in stock and we can also have them modified with many options. …

Supplier of: Water filtration equipment, Presses, Cartridge filters, and Brewery tanks

When executing or expanding a business venture, you want to minimize investment and maximize the return, so proper planning and equipment selection becomes a crucial aspect. We help ensure that proper planning is achieved so …

Supplier of: Water filtration equipment, Barrels, Brewhouses, Brewery tanks, and Mash tuns

Cannon Water Technology provides water treatment chemicals, service, and equipment for used on cooling towers, steam boilers and closed recirculation loops found in the commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Products include Conductivity Controllers, Chemical Metering …

Supplier of: Water filtration equipment, Commercial dishwashers, Mixers, Grease traps, and Water treatment equipment

We carry excellent kitchen equipment, and want to match it with our experienced, swift service. Let us help you find what you need- from economy-grade units, to 1st-tier products, we have you covered.

Supplier of: Water filtration equipment, Commercial refrigerators, Ice machines, Commercial freezers, and Food processors

Authorized equipment dealer for the Foodservice Industry. Trusted since 1984, we have been highly competitively selling Refrigeration, cooking, food processing, dishwashing and many other items for the industry. Full design/build capability with Restaurant and Institutional …

Supplier of: Water filtration equipment, Brewhouses, Cartridge filters, Wine glasses, and Commercial refrigerators

Heyes Filters specializes in Filtration products for the Beverage Industry, wine, beer, spirits, dairy. Both the disposables (filter elements, pads, lenticulars) and stainless filter housings. On the equipment side, we carry Cross-flow systems, Liquid solids …

Supplier of: Water filtration equipment, Cartridge filters, Brewing filtration, and Plate filters

Sigma Packaging is a well respected dealer that specializes in purchasing and selling quality, new and pre-owned processing and packaging equipment.

Supplier of: Water filtration equipment, Commercial fryers, Mixers, Restaurant supplies, and Pie Presses

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