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Since 1992, our founder Salim Virani has engaged in the HVAC/R community through varying levels. Once a technician, now a founder, Salim brings understanding and affordability to those in the industry. OUR MISSION Bring affordability ...

Supplier of: Evaporators, Commercial refrigerators, Commercial freezers, and Walk in coolers

We manufacture and sell Stainless Steel Tanks and Vessels for making Beer, Wine, and Mead.

Supplier of: Evaporators, Brewhouses, Brewery tanks, Mash tuns, and Fermenters

American Walk in Coolers 800-430-4468 100% Made In The USA Walk In Cooler and Freezers. Call for a fast Quote! Our knowledgeable sales staff is ready to answer your questions. We manufacture all type and ...

Supplier of: Evaporators, Brewhouses, Restaurant buildouts, Walk in coolers, and Compressors

Capable, Competitive and Committed to Stainless Steel Fabrication Excellence • Capable beyond common metal fabricating demands, Paget Equipment excels at manufacturing your critical process equipment with engineering expertise, welding craftsmanship and quality certifications. • Competitive ...

Supplier of: Evaporators, Heat exchangers, and Metal fabrication

GLEN MILLS’ laboratory and small-scale production equipment includes: TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer and dyna®-MIX for 3-D mixing without clean-up; Various mills for grinding wet or dry materials; Sample dividers for exact representation; Sifters/sieves for accurate size cuts ...

Supplier of: Evaporators, Mixers, Custom industrial mixers, Homogenizers, and Feeders

API Heat Transfer provides heat transfer equipment for a variety of industries. We build shell and tube, plate and frame and air cooled heat exchangers. We also build systems incorporating our products to meet customer ...

Supplier of: Evaporators, Distillation stills, Heat exchangers, and Pasteurizers

Planetary Mixer manufacturer & Commercial Refrigeration Distributor (Evaporators and Condensing Units)

Supplier of: Evaporators, Mixers, Blenders, Ribbon blenders, and Custom industrial mixers

Chester-Jensen has been pioneering fluid heat exchange technology since its inception in 1914. The diversity of product applications, developed over the years, has enabled us to serve a wide variety of markets including dairy, meat ...

Supplier of: Evaporators, Commercial refrigerators, Mixers, Heat exchangers, and Glycol chillers

For more than 80 years, the Aaron Companies have been dedicated to one common goal: "To provide our customers with quality equipment, dependable service and competitive prices." This customer satisfaction has earned Aaron an International ...

Supplier of: Evaporators, Cartridge filters, Brewery tanks, Fiberglass tanks, and Mixers

Low price, availability and reliability are the three major reasons customers from all over the United States and the world purchase their cold storage from Barr, Inc.

Supplier of: Evaporators, Glycol chillers, Walk in coolers, Condensing units, and Refrigeration Systems

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