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How to Purchase Glycol Chillers, Part I

Using Glycol Chillers to Keep (Your Beer) Cool

Before you purchase a glycol chiller, let Kinnek do the hard part. Submit a free request for quotes and we'll get multiple manufacturers to provide you with offerings and pricing for whatever your supply needs - all in one place!  Cooling in Brewing While most people appreciate an ice cold beer, the actual brewing process requires several stages of heating and cooling. Due to the extreme changes in temperature needs, a glycol beer chiller can play a major part in keeping up the ideal flow of your brewery.   There are five major points when the brewing process requires cooling:   Cooling a ... Read on

Craft Beer Branding Strategy Tips: Ignite Beverage

Do you need a craft beer branding strategy? Branding experts Ignite Beverage share their key tips.

Deciding on a branding strategy for your craft beer is an important decision for any brewery. With such a wide variety of craft brews on the market these days, differentiating your product and making it stand out to the consumer are key. That's why we asked branding firm Ignite Beverage in Oregon to share their key tips for making a craft beer stand out.  So why does your craft beer branding strategy matter? The most important reason is that the latest industry research shows beer branding, in particular beer labels, is becoming increasingly influential in consumer purchasing intent.  According to Ignite Beverage, the branding phenomenon signals a notable ... Read on

Labeling Your Cider Gluten-Free?

Should you label your craft cider as a gluten-free product? Writer Emma Cosgrove explores the plight of naturally gluten-free beverages and whether labeling them as such makes business sense.

Should you label your craft cider as a gluten-free product? Writer Emma Cosgrove explores the plight of naturally gluten-free beverages and whether labeling them as such makes business sense. For a certain segment of the drinking population, the resurgence of naturally gluten-free cider has been a godsend. Though craft beverages are booming right now, the rebirth of cider in particular has been impacted by a growing interest in fermented grains, fruits and vegetables. However this newfound popularity poses a dilemma for cider makers. Should they acknowledge a basic reality of their product, namely the lack of gluten in an apple-based beverage, or appeal ... Read on

Starting a Cider Business

Thinking about starting a cider business or just curious to learn more about the industry? Kinnek's cider resource guide has you covered!

Are you an apple producer, supplier or cider enthusiast looking to start your own hard cider business? Whatever your business goal, Kinnek has you covered. We've created a cider resource guide ideal for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of all things cider.  Starting a Cider Business: A Guide Starting a cider business certainly isn't as easy as it might look. From the extremely complex tax classifications and federal compliance regulations to the actual cider-making process itself, cider production certainly isn't for the faint-hearted. With the rapid growth of the industry, more and more cider-related resources are becoming available to anyone even remotely ... Read on

Should I Invest in A Mobile Canning Solution?

Should your small business invest in its own canning line or a mobile solution? Get advice courtesy of The Equipped Brewer magazine.

Canning Craft Beer and Hard Cider   The debate over using a mobile canning vendor or buying your own canning equipment will always be lively.   To research this article, I spoke with both mobile canning vendors and the equipment manufacturers themselves. These individuals include Mike Horn, owner of Old Dominion Mobile Canning LLC; Pete Rickert, Jr., head six packer of We Can Mobile Canning; Lindsey Herrema of The Can Van; Peter Love, founder of Cask Brewing Systems; and Michelle Dyon, marketing for Wild Goose Canning. When to Invest in a Mobile Canning Vendor? It’s a tough decision to make ... Read on

Select the Right Automated Bottling Equipment

Kinnek showcases advice on selecting equipment from national publication The Equipped Brewer to help build thriving craft beverage businesses.

Select the Right Automated Bottling Equipment by The Equipped Brewer Staff May 6, 2015      Consider these tips to ensure long-term reliability.   The time has come when you realize that to reach your distribution goals for the year, you must transition from manual bottling to an automated bottling line. When you're in the market for this new equipment, keep these seven critical performance qualities in mind, as outlined by Dean Hornsby, vice-president of sales and marketing at Meheen Manufacturing. 1. Why use a counter pressure filler? Counter pressure is important when filling carbonated beverages to keep the CO2 ... Read on

Descendant Cider

Descendant Cider is NYC's first ever cider-maker based within city limits. Learn more about the challenges and successes the company's two founders have faced to date.

Business: Descendant Cider  Contact: Alexandria Fisk and Jahil Maplestone, Co-owners Website: Social Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Descendant Cider is New York City’s first cider making business for over a century. Founded by husband-and-wife team Alex Fisk and Jahil Maplestone, the team operate out of a 600 sq ft second floor industrial unit on the borders of East Williamsburg and Queens.  Founded in early 2014, the company currently offers three different bottlings: Succession, Pom Pomme and their latest eponymous cider Descendant Dry. Their products are inspired by a wealth of cider making traditions. Indeed Descendant’s first offering, Succession, is designed to be a draft “session cider” that can be enjoyed at any ... Read on

The Case for Cans: Trends in Craft Beer Canning

Award-winning writer & Beerded Lady Meredith Heil makes the case for cans by reviewing trends in craft beer canning.

We make the case for cans and what recent trends in beer canning mean for craft brewers everywhere.  The Case for Cans: Craft Beer Canning Trending Up It's no secret that craft beer is booming. Walk into any corner store, and you’re immediately confronted by a world-class selection representing a myriad of styles, flavors and origins - a true departure from the 30-racks of light lagers that previously filled those same shelves for decades. Yet, if you look closely, many of these crowded craft coolers have more in common with their macro-brewed predecessors than you might think. A growing number of ... Read on

The Rise of the Cider Bar: Wassail NYC

We chart the rise of the cider bar with Wassail, an acclaimed NYC destination for fine food and hard cider fans alike. As growth in the hard cider industry continues to gain momentum in the US, this is a trend to watch.

The Rise of The Cider Bar: Wassail NYC Recent growth in hard cider production has led to a problem for drinkers and businesses alike all over the nation: where to buy it? The answer to that question can be charted in the rise of the cider bar, a destination dedicated to showcasing the best of the fruits of America's labor, literally. Hot on the heels of that trend is NYC cider destination Wassail, located in Manhattan's trendy Lower East Side neighborhood. I spoke to the team behind the fast-growing business to learn more about why they chose to launch a ... Read on

How to Purchase Beer Fermenters

A guide to purchasing the beer fermenter that will help you ferment, instead of having to experiment!

Before you purchase a beer fermenter let Kinnek do the hard part. Submit a free request for quotes and we'll get multiple manufacturers to provide you with offerings and pricing for whatever your supply needs - all in one place! Temperature Control For Your Fermenting Machine Because beer fermentation releases excess heat, it’s important to properly control the removal of that excess heat so that the fermentation process can be controlled (different kinds of beer ferment at different temperature ranges, so temperature control is key). What are your options? Cooling Jackets Cooling jackets are the most popular choice for temperature control.  The ... Read on

Purchasing a Filling Machine? 7 Questions To Ask Before Buying

Purchasing a filling machine? Here are 7 questions to ask before buying to ensure you select the best liquid filler for your production needs.

Purchasing a filling machine can be complicated. With so many options available, it's difficult to know which one is right for your business. Here are 7 questions to ask before buying a bottle filler to help guide you to selecting the best piece of equipment for your production needs:  1. So, You're Purchasing a Filling Machine....What Exactly Will You Be Filling? While some bottle fillers are designed to fill containers with dry goods such as powders or pills, others are best suited to handle liquids. Therefore, if you're looking into purchasing a filling machine, once of the most important factors to consider is your product's viscosity, or consistency. The viscosity of your product will help you to determine what type of filling technique ... Read on

Popular Q&A

Your questions on Cidery Equipment and Supplies answered by industry experts.

Q I want some drink coasters for my brewpub which stand out from the crowd. Any creative ideas that are different than the run-of-the-mill circular and rectangular coasters?

A Custom sizes are available. You can do an oval or a die cut around your logo. The cut size would need to be approved, but we do offer standard prices ...

Q Do manual and semi-auto bottle-fillers gauge a liquid's volume automatically? Can I set my filler to fill only 750 ml of wine and have it gauge that amount without me having to eye-ball the level?

A Our semi-automatic units will fill to a desired level. The new redesigned automatic fill head senses the liquid level. On the deluxe units, the operator can set a delay in ...