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Design, Build, Install & service brewhouses, cellar vessels, pasteurizers, and tanks of all descriptions. Design, build & install mezzanines, decks, platforms, conveyors and custom equipment. Contract manufacture and fabricate to food grade specification.

Supplier of: Transfer pumps, Brewhouses, Brewery tanks, Fermenters, and Brew pots

Litre Service, Inc. is the premiere source for repairing and rebuilding equipment for industries whose products require the use of Scraped Surface heat exchangers.

Supplier of: Transfer pumps, Commercial freezers, Heat exchangers, Industrial seals, and Sanitary pumps

Sanitary and Pharmaceutical grade stainless steel equipment including process skid fabrication, tanks, vessels, heat exchangers, filter housings and custom fabrications. also our sister companies provide pipe, tube, valves, fittings and electropolishing.

Supplier of: Transfer pumps, Heat exchangers, Food tanks, Sanitary pumps, and CIP systems

Wholesale distributor of industrial filtration products including cartridge and bag filtration equipment, sealless positive displacement pumps (including metering) and non-alloy valves.

Supplier of: Transfer pumps, Water filtration equipment, Nozzles, Valves, and Flow Meters

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