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Calf Star LLC. is a company that manufactures calf milk pasteurizers. We offer a variety of different models to best suit your dairy’s needs. We customize our calf milk pasteurizers to whatever you may need ...

Supplier of: Bottle washers , Pasteurizers , Dairy tanks , Transfer pumps , and CIP systems

Hello from the Folks at Homesteader's Supply!!! We want to thank you for supporting a Small American Business and our American economy! We try to provide the best prices on great products that we can ...

Supplier of: Pasteurizers , Dairy tanks , Cheese presses , Milking machines , and Vacuum pumps

Manufacturer of milk processing / cheese making equipment

Supplier of: Heat exchangers , Pasteurizers , Dairy tanks , Homogenizers , and Cheese vats

As agricultural equipment specialists, Midwest Livestock Systems, Inc., provides a wide range of dairy, swine, and poultry equipment

Supplier of: Heat exchangers , Pasteurizers , Dairy tanks , CIP systems , and Milking machines

We sell milking equipment to the small scale hobby farms. We carry everything from the milking machine to the filtration to the cleaning brushes

Supplier of: Pasteurizers , Mix processors , Milking machines , Dairy filtration equipment , and Vacuum pumps

Schmitzer Farm Service LLC is a company built to serve the homestead, hobby, and commercial dairy industry. We stock thousands of parts and supplies, as well as quality portable milkers built to last.

Supplier of: Dairy tanks , Milking machines , Dairy filtration equipment , Milking receivers , and Vacuum pumps

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