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Your questions on Barrels answered by industry experts.

Q What is the difference between a $150 barrel and a $750 one?

A Helllo The difference between the 2 is the $150 barrel is used and the $750 is Brand new and not used. Read On

Q With new French Oak barrels running over a thousand dollars each, how does one go about finding good quality used barrels?

A You could check out wine country classifieds? Or Ours? Read On

Q Is it safe to purchase used wine/whiskey barrels, and what are the risks?

A Yes, it is safe to purchase used barrels. There are risks, just like any other used product you may buy. You need to be an educated buyer though to help ... Read On

Q How do I calculate the right amount of space needed for my brewery? How many square feet should my facility be?

A The factors that will ultimately affect your calculations for your brewery are the size and number of vessels in your brewpub. In addition, the size and number of fermenters and ... Read On