Pressure Sensitive Bottle Labelers

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Q Is it safe to buy Chinese equipment?

A Like with any other equipment you purchase, you want to make sure you do all the appropriate due diligence. Quality Chinese manufacturers do exist so before purchasing ask your supplier ... Read On

Q Are there suppliers that sell both the label applicator/machine and the labels themselves?

A Sorry but we only produce labels. Once you acquire the machine (they can easily be purchased online) we are able to wind the rolls so everything fits together. Our labels ... Read On

Q In terms of bottles-per-hour, what's a rule of thumb for the max BPH that I could handle using a manual powered labeler?

A The speed of a manual labeler is highly dependent on the speed of the individual(s) operating the equipment. As you become more efficient with a manual table-top labeling machine, it ... Read On

Q Can foil labels be handled using typical labeling systems?

A Foil labels are generally just as simple as BOP, Vinyl, paper or other label material. I'm sure that certain label applicators may have restrictions, but our labeling machine handles them ... Read On