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Q We're starting a new distilling operation, should I add the entire wash to the still or separate the grain?

A It really will depend on your budget because the mashing equipment will be less expensive. You will also need to consider what you are doing with the spent grains and ... Read On

Q Why are copper stills popular? Is there a reason you don't see many stills made from stainless steel? Are there any other common materials that stills are made out of?

A From what I know, copper is the still the most common (pun intended) material used for distillation stills because it has several beneficial properties. Firstly, copper has excellent heat transfer ... Read On

Q How frequently do copper stills require maintenance / repair work?

A To be honest, I do not know how frequently copper stills require repair. But I can say that they do require repair every few years due to natural corrosion, that ... Read On

Q Can anyone explain briefly the energy consumption required for distillation? Was never very good at physics.

A The energy consumption numbers for distillation, a net 170,000 BTU per hour is required. The energy that you will need to input into your system to get to a net ... Read On