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Bridgetown Brew Systems llc is a manufacturer of commercial grade brewing and distilling equipment, designed by brewers for brewers and built right here in beer city, Portland OR. Our mission is to provide brewing and ...

Supplier of: Brewhouses , Brewery tanks , Distillation stills , and Fermenters

Since 1986, Specific Mechanical has handcrafted brewing and distilling systems for the craft beer and spirits industries. Started as a two person company, those two founders remain owners and employee a team of over 85 ...

Supplier of: Brewhouses , Brewery tanks , Mash tuns , Solvent extraction systems , and Distillation stills

When executing or expanding a business venture, you want to minimize investment and maximize the return, so proper planning and equipment selection becomes a crucial aspect. We help ensure that proper planning is achieved so ...

Supplier of: Barrels , Brewhouses , Brewery tanks , Mash tuns , and Brewing filtration

Purveyors of high quality copper and stainless steel stills for craft distilleries and home distillers. 360-928-9645 http://www.olympicdistillers.com/

Supplier of: Distillation stills , and Distillery equipment

We are a 28-year-young company specializing in Glycol Chillers, Commercial Refrigeration systems, Refrigeration Equipment and parts, Refrigeration Systems Service and Installation, and in construction of walk-in coolers and freezers, from room-sized up to 100,000 Sq. ...

Supplier of: Glycol chillers , Distillery equipment , Walk in coolers , and Refrigeration Systems

LVSCW is a small family owned business who specializes in providing affordable high quality brewing and distilling equipment. Brewing and distilling is our passion and that's all that we do. This is our life's work ...

Supplier of: Brewhouses , Distillation stills , Fermenters , Distillery equipment , and Bright tanks

Five Star Chemicals & Supply provides cleaning, sanitizing, and parts to the food and beverage industry. We pride ourselves on creating excellent products and offering superb customer service.

Supplier of: Distillery equipment , Hoses , Valves , and Sanitizing Chemicals

Founded in 1987, ReCooperage located in Sonoma County, California USA - Remanufactured Oak Barrels - affordable alternative to a new barrel supplying the wineries, craft breweries and craft distilleries. Large and small format barrels 707-829-7103

Supplier of: Barrels , Distillery equipment , Whiskey barrels , and Brewery equipment

As the Craft Spirits industry approached its boom, community members began to notice a lack of affordable, professional grade distilling equipment options. In 2012, the year of the Dragon, StillDragon was established to provide Craft ...

Supplier of: Mash tuns , Distillation stills , Fermenters , and Distillery equipment

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