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WEMAC has domestic first-class engineers and technicians in high technology designing pharmaceutical equipment, beer brewing equipment, pressure vessels and other professionals who are specialized in pressure vessels designing, R&D of electrical, mechanical manufacturing, welding technology, …

Product Offerings: Champagne Jacketed Fermenters Kombucha Jacketed Fermenters Wine Jacketed Fermenters Liquor Jacketed Fermenters Beer Jacketed Fermenters Cider Jacketed Fermenters...(more) Copper Jacketed Fermenters Stainless Steel Jacketed Fermenters Not Sure Jacketed Fermenters Pressure-Rated Jacketed Fermenters Not Pressure-Rated Jacketed Fermenters Flat-Bottom / Dish Jacketed Fermenters, and  Conical Jacketed Fermenters (see less)

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