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Q When should I actually blend the fruit/juice in preparing to make the cider?

A If you're using raw fruit, the blending could occur before grinding; if you're using juice, then could occur before fermentation or after fermentation. Read On

Q Should I produce cider using fresh fruit I've purchased or using juice?

A Producing cider from fresh fruit will require you to purchase more equipment and spend the time and effort to crush and press the fruit, but it will give you more ... Read On

Q If I'm purchasing apples; what type of contract should I look for with an apple supplier?

A Short-term or long-term seasonal contracts are possible; it depends on your strategy as a cidery over time. Read On

Q How do I decide what size vat / batch pasteurizer I need?

A A batch pasteurizer is for small operations where you will pasteurizer only a few hundred gallons at one time. Each batch of product will take about 45 minutes to one ... Read On