Custom Packaging

Your questions on Custom Packaging answered by industry experts.

Q I'm setting up a small production distillery. What is the cost difference between going with a standard bottle vs a custom bottle? Is there a minimum production requirement?

A In some cases, distributors have access to some unique bottles and if those do not work, taking a standard or basic bottle and putting unique decoration with silk screening or ...

Q I need to place labels on both glass and cardboard containers. Would I need to get two separate machines for this, or could this be done using the same system? I'm roughly thinking of handling about 1000 containers per hour each for the glass and cardboard containers.

A It is possible to use the same labeling system depending on where the labels are placed on the glass vs. cardboard container.

Q I'm a small business that is purchasing new shopping bags. Can glossy bags be printed on, or are they only able to be hot-stamped?

A I recommend hot stamping a glossy bag when doing less than 3,000 bags. If you want glossy bags printed then the minimum would be 3,000 bags per size. At this ...

Q What is the best flute grade for corrugated boxes if I'm shipping delicate items?

A I always suggest C Flute and possibly a double wall box. Give me a call and we can talk about it