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Q How do I decide what size vat / batch pasteurizer I need?

A A batch pasteurizer is for small operations where you will pasteurizer only a few hundred gallons at one time. Each batch of product will take about 45 minutes to one ... Read On

Q What are the most important things to know about storing milk?

A Milk must be stored at a temperature less than 45 F (7 C) for no more than 72 hours. Read On

Q Pasteurizing with Ingredients

A Pasteurize the fully mixed solution after running it through a mixing tank. Read On

Q Do flash pasteurizers for milk come with cream separators, too? Do they also come with glycol-cooled trim-coolers?

A Please check http://www.hmcompanyusa.com for the Cream Pasteurizer, see if it fulfill your business need, thanks! Read On