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Q Why are both the size and shape of my label important to consider?

A When applying a label to a bottle you must consider the shape of the label. Labels with round corners (die cut) adhere to the bottle much better than those with ... Read On

Q Unfortunately, our printer designed a label for our bottles that makes it difficult to figure out what type of labeler we need to purchase to apply them. Just to give you an idea of the current layout of these labels: the bottom (or "bikini") part wraps almost all the way around the bottle, while the top label (so essentially, the main one) only covers the front part of the bottle. Any ideas/recommendations for a labeler that would correctly align these labels each time, despite their unique design?

A We offer free graphic design, if this does not pan out for you please get back to me. Once you find a label machine we can re-design your existing label ... Read On

Q Does it matter whether my label maker can be used with different software?

A A lot of labeling machines come packed in with unique proprietary software. Worse, these machines can only be used with this software. Proprietary software is not necessarily unworkable, but it ... Read On

Q We're currently trying to decide between an in-line rotary labeler or pre-printed bottles. The printed bottles are pretty neat plus we could use our glass blower to make custom glasses from the enameled bottles. The in-line labeler, which we'd most likely use with pressure-sensitive labels, obviously allows for much more flexibility though. How do these two options compare cost-wise? What are the pros and cons of both the labeler vs. the printed bottles?

A Pre-printed bottles are very cool and offer a much cleaner, more specialized look but unfortunately, this option only allows for one print per beer. The level-sensing process required to produce ... Read On