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Q Why are both the size and shape of my label important to consider?

A Label costs are driven primarily by size as well as material, quantity, and finish. You also need to be sure that the label does not extend to the tapered areas ... Read On

Q Unfortunately, our printer designed a label for our bottles that makes it difficult to figure out what type of labeler we need to purchase to apply them. Just to give you an idea of the current layout of these labels: the bottom (or "bikini") part wraps almost all the way around the bottle, while the top label (so essentially, the main one) only covers the front part of the bottle. Any ideas/recommendations for a labeler that would correctly align these labels each time, despite their unique design?

A The solution to this problem may lie in the printing itself. See if your printer can put both the top and the bottom label(s) on the same backing and align ... Read On