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Q Why are both the size and shape of my label important to consider?

A When applying a label to a bottle you must consider the shape of the label. Labels with round corners (die cut) adhere to the bottle much better than those with ... Read On

Q Does anyone know of a labeler that can be used for "sqround" bottles (square bottles with tapered edges and a round facade)? Does this type of labeler even exist??

A Usually,with a square,or tapered bottle,samples of your bottles,and labels need to be tested to see what labeling machine will work for your application. These labeling machines are usually custom made,and ... Read On

Q How do you apply labels to oval-shaped bottles?

A We carry label machine that will label your oval bottles, please contact us to find out more information. Pro Fill Equipment http://profillequipment.com/ -Team Pro Fill Office P#(818)922-2253 Read On

Q Does it matter whether my label maker can be used with different software?

A A lot of labeling machines come packed in with unique proprietary software. Worse, these machines can only be used with this software. Proprietary software is not necessarily unworkable, but it ... Read On