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Q How do I decide what size vat / batch pasteurizer I need?

A A batch pasteurizer is for small operations where you will pasteurizer only a few hundred gallons at one time. Each batch of product will take about 45 minutes to one ... Read On

Q Do most batch/vat pasteurizers also have the capability to also be a mixer? Also, are most pasteurizers powered electrically? And finally, do most pasteurizers also include their own water cool-down system?

A Absolutely they do. You can pasteurize or simply mix in them. Most pasteurizers use a single phase or 3 phase motor. We ask all our customers which electrical set up ... Read On

Q Should I pasteurize on-site or use a dairy processing plant?

A More dairies using processing plants. The majority of milk is sent to off site processing plants to pasteurization, homogenization, and other processing. As farm-to-customer demand increases methods of on-farm pasteurization ... Read On

Q What are the most important things to know about pasteurizing milk?

A Pasteurization Involves heating every particle of milk to a specific temperature for a specified period of time and cooling it again without allowing recontamination. If milk is processed and pasteurized ... Read On