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Raleigh, NC Send Message

FOCUSales, Inc. is committed to providing the widest array of printing and packaging technologies and solutions. As a network of specialized manufacturing facilities, we can satisfy all your company printing requirements from sales and marketing ...

Supplier of: Barcode printers, Hang tags, Can labels, Keg collars and Labels



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7 Reviews

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Crystal Vision Packaging Systems (CVPS) has been serving the packaged goods industry since 1984. CVPS provide a complete line of high quality packaging solutions from packaging equipment to printed shrink film, including; Shrink Sleeve Applicator, ...

Supplier of: Shrink tunnels, Flow wrappers, Induction sealers, Plastic bottles and Eliquid bottles



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2 Reviews

Hauppauge, NY Send Message

Source One Packaging provides the highest quality shrink wrap films while offering the most competitive prices in the industry.

Supplier of: Bags, Labels, Shrink film, Gusseted pouches and Shrink bands



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Montreal, QC Send Message

Heat Shrinkable Plastics

Supplier of: Shrink tunnels, Shrink bands and Shrink sleeves



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Hamilton, ON Send Message

Safety Seal has focused on customers for whom outstanding service, top-quality printing, and competitive pricing are foremost considerations.

Supplier of: Cap liners and inserts, Can sleeves, Keg labels, Can labels and Aluminum cans

Chatsworth, CA Send Message

Ameri-Seal, Inc. has shrink sleeves to meet all your needs!

Supplier of: Shrink bands and Shrink sleeves

Dover, NH Send Message

GlobalPak provides heat shrink products for the packaging industry.

Supplier of: Shrink bands and Shrink sleeves

Twinsburg, OH Send Message

Impact Sleeves’ mission is to provide the most recycle friendly, shrink sleeve solutions, delivered to the right place, at the right time.

Supplier of: Shrink bands and Shrink sleeves

Corona, CA Send Message

American Film & Machinery (AFM) headquartered in Corona, California – is a single source supplier of all of your Shrink Sleeve Labeling needs.

Supplier of: Shrink tunnels, Shrink bands and Shrink sleeves

Midland Park, NJ Send Message

Interflex/USA is a manufacturer’s representative organization, dealing exclusively with the PACKAGING INDUSTRY. We represent only companies with long experience in their markets and with a proven history of high levels of customer service.

Supplier of: Shrink tunnels, Shrink bands and Shrink sleeves

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