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Q I have a household vacuum packaging unit, and don’t really feel like investing in a commercial unit. Can I just use this one for my small shop?

A Usually a household unit such as FoodSaver will require the embossed/channel vacuum bags which can be more expensive in the long run. The standard poly/nylon vacuum bags will be cheaper. ... Read On

Q Can I use an external strip vacuum packager for bagging liquids?

A Generally, no. You should not use an external packager for bagging liquids, as the liquid will be pulled out of the bag. You may be able to use an external ... Read On

Q For my restaurant, is it worth investing in a vacuum sealer versus just using ziplock or tupperware?

A It really depends on your storage needs. Vacuum sealing is very useful because it allows you to store food for many times longer than ziploc or tupperware (10+ days). Further, ... Read On

Q I run a catering business, is a hand-held vacuum sealer unit okay to use, or are there problems with its use?

A A hand-held unit should be fine, but you just need to be aware of its limitations. Hand-held vacuum sealers are battery operated, usually, and they typically use ziploc pouches, so ... Read On