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Q What items should I avoid putting in the disposal?

A You should avoid putting items into the disposal that either clog the disposal, or inhibit the disposal's ability to grind. Generally speaking, then, you should avoid putting the following items ... Read On

Q How do I best maintain my new garbage disposal?

A As an initial point, it's worth consulting your owner's manual for initial guidelines. If you have any further questions on equipment use, it's never a bad idea to have a ... Read On

Q Do trash canisters need to be cleaned regularly? In a kitchen.

A Yes, in a commercial kitchen, the trash cans should be taken out regularly and scrubbed with soap, water, and a disinfectant cleaning solution. Of course, this is quite a bit ... Read On

Q I'm in the process of constructing my first 8.5 bbl brewery system, and have already run into the issue of my state's Health Department questioning me about how I plan on ensuring my brewery wastewater remains within the required pH range of 5.5 & 10. I'm currently using a double-tank CIP system with acid sanitizer in one tank, and a caustic cleaning solution in the other. Once this cleaning process is complete, what's the best way to ensure my sewer effluents are in the required pH range? I'd like to avoid installing a sump pump and/or purchasing a high-cost automatic pH adjuster, if possible.

A Generally, the average pH of your brewery wastewater will be 5.5 or lower. Nevertheless, my recommendation for pH adjustment would be to buy a lower-end caustic solution, as well as ... Read On