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Q Do any small breweries out there have experience with using oversized bright tanks to carbonate batches? I'm in the process of arranging a 3-5BBL brewery and plan on brewing both single and double sized batches. Would using a 10BBL bright tank for a 5BBL batch run the risk of losing beer quality and/or aromas?

A As long as the tank is half-full, you don't need to worry about losing aromas - so long as you maintain the correct amount of pressure throughout. Mind you, you’ll ... Read On

Q I'm having trouble getting my beer properly carbonated in the bright tank in less than 6-7 days. I've heard other brewers are able to carb their batches in just one day - some in merely a few hours! What seems to be the problem here? Why does my carbonation process appear to be taking forever??

A Those who carbonate in a few hours usually don’t use CO2 as part of the process. Instead, they're pumping the beer into a loop, which includes a carb stone. Often ... Read On

Q How do I calculate the right amount of space needed for my brewery? How many square feet should my facility be?

A The factors that will ultimately affect your calculations for your brewery are the size and number of vessels in your brewpub. In addition, the size and number of fermenters and ... Read On