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Chem-Trend is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high-performance release agents, purging compounds and other ancillary molding products. For more information, visit www.chemtrend.com

Supplier of: Extruders, Injection mold machines, Machinery lubricants, and Process chemicals

Cloeren engineers and manufactures customized coextrusion feedblocks, single and multi-manifold dies, and related accessories – all with unparalleled quality - in Europe and the U.S.A.

Supplier of: Extruders, Feeders, Injection mold machines, and Punch and die equipment

Greiner Extrusion is the worldwide leading supplier of extrusion lines, tooling and complete systems for profile extrusion. The core competence is process expertise in profile extrusion – development, design, manufacture and process optimization of tooling ...

Supplier of: Extruders,

Guill Tool will show our latest designs in extrusion tooling. Featured items will include our newly designed five/six layer inline tubing die and our new 500 series rubber crosshead with MAGS adjustment and our unique ...

Supplier of: Extruders, CNC machines, and CNC parts

Manufacturer of modular, high speed, energy input (HSEI) twin screw extruders. Areas of specialization include equipment for compounding, engineering resins, adhesives, reactive extrusion, foaming, and the direct extrusion of sheet, film, fibers, and profiles.

Supplier of: Extruders, and Film extrusion exhaust

Located in Florida USA Lung Meng Machinery (USA), Inc. was founded 1991 in Miami, Florida, United States. Our mission over the last years has been to provide top quality plastic machinery from our own factory ...

Supplier of: Extruders, Bagging systems, Packaging equipment, and Large format printers

Macro Engineering is a supplier of film and sheet extrusion systems that specializes in barrier film lines and custom designed extrusion machinery. For 40 years, we've helped film and sheet producers reach their production goals ...

Supplier of: Extruders,

The Cortina Companies provide custom and proprietary injection molded, extruded, and blow molded products throughout North America and Latin America. The Cortina Companies include Cortina Tool & Molding Co., Cortina Safety Products Group, Circle Caster ...

Supplier of: Extruders, Injection mold machines, and Plastic injection molding

Our Industrial Division offers a large selection of thermoplastics and composites for technical applications. We supply our products in the form of semi-finished products such as sheets, rods, tubes, flat bars, profiles and finished castings ...

Supplier of: Extruders, and Injection mold machines

"Short Run and High Volume Injection Molding ""Extraordinary emphasis on value engineering, tool design, and project management"" Metro Plastics Technologies, Inc. is a versatile supplier of Thermoplastic Injection Molding Services. Our manufacturing services include: Full ...

Supplier of: Extruders, and Injection mold machines

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