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Q When providing logos to a packaging vendor, what's typically the best method to send the graphics?

A We usually recommend sending both as well. Just make sure the fonts are converted to curves/outlines before you send your artwork. It's the most common issue with the artwork, if ... Read On

Q I'm a small business that is purchasing new shopping bags. Can glossy bags be printed on, or are they only able to be hot-stamped?

A I recommend hot stamping a glossy bag when doing less than 3,000 bags. If you want glossy bags printed then the minimum would be 3,000 bags per size. At this ... Read On

Q What is the best flute grade for corrugated boxes if I'm shipping delicate items?

A I always suggest C Flute and possibly a double wall box. Give me a call and we can talk about it Read On

Q How much does having a high recycled content in kraft shopping bags increase the price usually?

A the market has reached a point to where, with few exceptions, that is no longer the case Read On