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While Climax's history can be tracked back to the early 1900's (with bottle washing equipment), more recently it was a Division of the Lodge & Shipley Company located in Cincinnati, Ohio. In August of 1992, ...

Supplier of: Lane dividers, Bottle fillers, Cartoners, Bottle cappers, and Can fillers

Custom designed and built conveyor systems and production machinery.

Supplier of: Lane dividers, Conveyors, Depalletizers, Case packers, and Palletizers

Located in Modena, Italy, LM's core business strategy is the manufacture of a broad range of equipment used to merge, sort, divide, flip, rotate, or orientation of unpacked or packaged, individual or cased, products as ...

Supplier of: Lane dividers, Conveyors, Depalletizers, Palletizers, and Case turners

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