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Q For packaging meats, should I purchase a chamber packaging machine or an external packaging machine?

A Both options are fine for packaging meat, but the better option will depend entirely on your needs. External machines tend to be designed for lighter use, and though they are ... Read On

Q Is a bone guard worthwhile? We’ll be packaging meat with bone-in.

A Absolutely. Bone guards are worthwhile when used in circumstances where a sharp object could potentially pierce through the packaging. This is a big concern when packaging bone-in meat. The bone ... Read On

Q I run a catering business, is a hand-held vacuum sealer unit okay to use, or are there problems with its use?

A A hand-held unit should be fine, but you just need to be aware of its limitations. Hand-held vacuum sealers are battery operated, usually, and they typically use ziploc pouches, so ... Read On

Q Can the filling machine I'm planning on purchasing be used with my existing packaging equipment?

A Once you decide what liquid filling machine you're going to purchase, check to make sure the filler you've chosen can be used with any packaging equipment you might have already ... Read On