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Q How do I determine what size refrigeration system I need for my walk-in?

A It is important to properly size your refrigeration system to match your cooler and how it will be used. The BTUH load calculation is based on the size of your ... Read On

Q I'm currently in the process of planning a 30-seat brewpub with a 3.5 bbl system that includes 4 serving tanks and 3 fermenters. Trying to decide between purchasing glycol-cooled serving tanks vs. building-out a refrigerated room to store the serving tanks. Most likely I'll need a cold area for storing a few kegs and bottles anyway? What are the pros/cons of each option and how do the costs - both upfront and for routine maintenance - compare in each situation?

A Considering any type of refrigerated room/cold area is a good thing to have when planning any brewpub, regardless of size and/or holding capacity, it depends. On one hand, since you'll ... Read On