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Q Is soap and water good enough for cleaning my restaurant kitchen floor?

A Soap and water is not good enough to use exclusively. Though not every cleaning must incorporate an additional solution, every once in awhile, you should use a cleaning solution that ... Read On

Q I'm currently setting up a brewery and have been sorting through the equipment that was purchased for this brew pub before I came on-board. In doing so, I've only identified a single-vessel CIP system (with 80L tank & skid-mounted pump) for cleaning, rather than a double-vessel CIP system, which is what I've always used (one for acid rinsing & one for caustic cleaning solutions). To my knowledge, caustic solutions are more beneficial at 70?. That being said, what's most optimal for this type of setup? Is using a cold caustic solution acceptable and, if so, should I increase both the time and concentration of the caustic for this process? Alternatively, should I purchase an additional tank equipped with temperature control (including a heating element) for caustic use only?

A Optimal caustic performance is typically around 55-60?, so if possible, heat your caustic solution above this temperature. Never use chlorinated caustic at temperatures higher than 65? and always check with ... Read On

Q We recently purchased a Premier 2-head manual keg washer for our brewery, which has a water flow rate of around 7 GPM (gallons per minute). I'm planning on using a diluted solution with a 5% PAA sanitizer to set-up a venturi-based system for the washer and would ideally like to avoid employing a reduction nipple. Since I've never assembled one of these dosing systems before, how do these venutri-style dosers work exactly? What's the best way to go about setting one up for a 2-Head Premier manual washer?

A First and foremost, the venturi-style dosers are extremely sensitive to any changes in the system, particularly the input flow rate of the water feeding into the machine. That being said, ... Read On

Q We're currently in the process of installing our new keg washer and heard there are two ways to clean the kegs with this machine: using steam or caustic. What's the difference between the two?

A Kegs can be cleaned in a variety of ways but most automatic keg cleaners are designed to clean kegs using caustic (i.e. chemically). Machines designed to use steam will not ... Read On