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Your questions on Lodging and Hospitality Supplies answered by industry experts.

Q We run a small hotel - are there vending machines that can fit both dry snacks and cold drinks?

A Definitely, combo vending machines are very common. We have several to choose from but considerations for you should be: How many snack and drink choices do we want to maintain? ... Read On

Q Do any suppliers simply set up a vending machine in a commercial space without selling or loaning it to keep the profits of all vending sales?

A You bet, this is the what Vendors prefer to do. However it can be challenging when most large business want a percentage of the revenue. If it's a really large ... Read On

Q Looking at a vending machine, it shows that there are bottle selections and can selections, but is it possible to change some of the selections?

A In most cases yes, but you should designate how many of which when buying a machine so we can do that before you receive it. Once you have it, some ... Read On

Q Do any vending machine suppliers provide repair and maintenance services?

A We have a network of factory-authorized technicians in over 500 US cities. Any new or remanufactured machine we sell is covered for parts, freight on parts and labor for the ... Read On