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Prospero Equipment Corp.

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PEC/AWS Prospero offers many solutions and customization for all wine, beer, and beverage needs. A few solutions that we provide are: new and existing brewery equipment set-ups, new winery start-ups,distillation equipment, Cider equipment, mobile bottling ...

Supplier of: Brewhouses , Presses , Brewery tanks , Mash tuns , and Grape crusher/destemmers


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The Cooler King is a family owned business that is dedicated to installing and servicing the latest walk-in coolers and freezers throughout the Detroit metro area and all across the United States. We utilize a ...

Supplier of: Wine glasses , Commercial refrigerators , Commercial fryers , Mixers , and Ice machines


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MEILESTONE IS YOUR ONE-STOP STORE OF WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES POWERED BY GLOBAL RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION Global Resource Optimization (GRO) is the next generation international business model. It trims off all unnecessary expenses to save 40%-50% ...

Supplier of: Stretch wrappers

Tanks Usa llc

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We specialize in building stainless steel tanks of all types. We will supply any size, shape and support that our clients require. We will service the custom order or the big bulk tank order. No ...

Supplier of: Brewery tanks , Fermenters , Wine tanks , Pasteurizers , and Dairy tanks

CraftMaster Stainless

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CraftMaster Stainless is the leading provider of stainless steel tanks and equipment for the brewing industry. With a dedication to quality, customer service and client requirements, CraftMaster Stainless has become a trusted name in the ...

Supplier of: Brewhouses , Brewery tanks , Mash tuns , Fermenters , and Glycol chillers

The Oak Cooperage

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We are a small cooperage that specializes in making wine and whiskey barrels. We offer 30 gallon and 53 gallon whiskey barrels, and 30 and 59 gallon export wine barrels. We have a few larger ...

Supplier of: Barrels

Tap Your Keg LLC is the Official North American Distributor for Lindr® Easy Tap Systems. Not quite sure what a Lindr® Easy Tap System is? People are initially confused because the typical means of tapping ...

Product Offerings: Restaurant, Bar Or Cafe New Beverage Dispensers Hotel Or Lodging New Beverage Dispensers Grocery Or Convenience Store New Beverage Dispensers Catering Company New Beverage Dispensers Lever Arm New Beverage Dispensers Push Button, Airpot Or Lever Arm New Beverage Dispensers...(more) Airpot New Beverage Dispensers Push Button New Beverage Dispensers Soda Gun New Beverage Dispensers Hot Beverage Dispenser New Beverage Dispensers Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser New Beverage Dispensers Iced Beverage Dispenser New Beverage Dispensers Fountain Beverage Dispenser New Beverage Dispensers Without Ice Storage New Beverage Dispensers With Ice Storage New Beverage Dispensers 12 Beverage New Beverage Dispensers Single Beverage New Beverage Dispensers 16 Beverage New Beverage Dispensers 14 Beverage New Beverage Dispensers Seven Beverage New Beverage Dispensers Eight Beverage New Beverage Dispensers 11 Beverage New Beverage Dispensers Six Beverage New Beverage Dispensers Five Beverage New Beverage Dispensers 13 Beverage New Beverage Dispensers 21 Or More Beverages New Beverage Dispensers Two Beverage New Beverage Dispensers 20 Beverage New Beverage Dispensers Four Beverage New Beverage Dispensers Nine Beverage New Beverage Dispensers Three Beverage New Beverage Dispensers Ten Beverage New Beverage Dispensers, and  15 Beverage New Beverage Dispensers (see less)

Ska Fabricating

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We are the proud manufacturer of the #1 Can Depalletizer in the craft brewing market. With 20+ years experience in the craft brewing industry combined with 20+ years of experience in machining and fabrication, our ...

Supplier of: Conveyors , Depalletizers , and Can Rinsers

Blichmann Engineering

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With a proven track record for high quality innovative products, the Blichmann Engineering approach has now expanded into the Blichmann Pro Series. Blichmann Engineering Pro Series products are designed for intuitive, efficient, and cost effective ...

Supplier of: Brewhouses , Fermenters , and Bright tanks

We're as passionate about your beer as you are. We started Craft Kettle Brewing because we believe that small brewers can do big things. With years of experience in tank fabrication and fittings, we decided ...

Supplier of: Brewery tanks , Mash tuns , Fermenters , Steam kettles , and Kettles

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