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Q Size of the grind

A The grind size that you should be using depends on the method by which you are brewing your coffee. For example, if you are using a french press, it's generally ... Read On

Q Blade grinders seem a bit cheaper than burr grinders. Are there advantages to burr?

A Yes, burr grinders are generally better for commercial coffee shops than blade grinders, for a number of reasons, but primarily because blade grinders create uneven grounds, which can result in ... Read On

Q How long should I run my burr grinder?

A It really depends on the flavor profile you're looking for and the grounds you're handling, but as a general rule, you should try not to run a burr grinder for ... Read On

Q Can someone fill me in on the practical differences between a flat burr and a conical burr grinder?

A Sure thing! Flat and conical burr grinders both do a great job, and for the most part, you'll find both types in excellent coffee shops around the country. You can't ... Read On