Commercial Coffee Makers

Driftaway Coffee

This talented duo of marketers have turned their hands to roasting coffee beans. Now they're making big caffeinated waves across the U.S. in a market that's already buzzing with potential.

Suyog Mody and Anu Menon are two small business owners roasting up a storm in a coffeecup. The husband-and-wife team with backgrounds in computer science and electrical engineering left successful managerial careers in marketing at Sapient to follow their passion, in this case coffee. A year ago they launched Driftaway, a small-batch, hand-roasted coffee subscription service based in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. The area, known for its industrial past, is now filled with small businesses building mostly digital-based products from warehouse studios.   Driftaway, which already ships 1200 freshly roasted packets a month across America and growing, was carefully constructed following ... Read on

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