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Q I operate a diner. Is there a difference between the type of electric fryer I would need to use for frying donuts as compared with one used for frying french fries and onion rings?

A Yes. Donut fryers tend to be VERY, VERY shallow and wide; whereas, "regular" fryers tend to be deep and narrow. If you go to a fast food restaurant, like McD's ... Read On

Q What are the pros and cons of open pot vs. tube type vs. flat bottom fryers?

A There are three main types of fry pot styles: Open-pot, tube-type and flat-bottom. The primary difference between the fryer pots is the use of a "sediment zone." The sediment zone ... Read On

Q Should I get a gas or electric fryer?

A Deep fryers can be heated with gas or electricity, depending on the model (both are available for purchase). Gas-powered fryers use burners, whereas electric-powered fryers have burners encased in tubes ... Read On

Q Should I be concerned about "sediment zones"?

A Yes and No. Yes because the sentiment zone prevents oil from going "bad". A more important issue is how often you are filtering your oil. This is one thing that ... Read On