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Q What's a "door type" dishwasher?

A A "door type" or "pass-through" dishwasher lets you slide a rack of dishes in one side to get washed and come out the other side. Door type dishwashers can be ... Read On

Q Should I get a high temperature or low temperature commercial dishwasher?

A High temperature dishwashers use high heat water temperature to sanitize dishes, so you will pay more in electricity due to the booster heater it has built-in. Low temp dishwashers need ... Read On

Q For a growing, relatively high volume restaurant, what type of dishwasher should we invest in?

A commercial freezer Read On

Q Any tips for reducing my energy and water bill?

A Reducing your energy bill and water bill is as simple as reducing energy and water use. For water, the worst offender is your dishwasher. You can invest in a high ... Read On